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Benjamin Entertainment Academy is the industry's top platform for indie artists. We strive to get indie artist the best step by step courses to teach them and go deep inside of the business of the music industry. If you have the same mindset as we do APPLY TODAY!

How To Become A Teacher

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Instructors share your music industry knowledge. In the message box please share your expertise. If we contact you back; please be prepared to submit epk or headshot/resume.

Minimum of 5yrs experience in the music industry required to become a instructor... Only fees charged to our instructors is a 10% commission cut to the academy.
Instructors are to have quality video presentations. Courses can be taught in (Live Video, Live Video w/ Presentation Slides, Presentation Slides w/ Voice Over, pre-recorded, zoom, loom or Animated storyboards).

Give our students resources and tools that will help them; not drop hopes and dreams. Do not leave our students hanging on a cliff to figure it out. Teach Them, Quiz Them, Help Them and Guide Them....

All videos should be in HD 1080
Basic Format: (Courses should be structured at minimum below) 1. Welcome 2. Prerequisite 3. Course 4. Quiz 5. Certificate of Completion